St. Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow 2011 St. Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow 2011

St. Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow 2011

New York City Cab New York City Cab

New York City Cab

L'Oreal Fashion Show L'Oreal Fashion Show

L'Oreal Fashion Show

Mario Ferrini Videoclip Casting Mario Ferrini Videoclip Casting

Mario Ferrini Videoclip Casting

The Orange Shirt The Orange Shirt

The Orange Shirt

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Broncolor launches educational series

Bron Elektronik AG is a company based in the Swiss town of Allschwil, close to the French border and about a 15-minute drive from Basel. It provides a specialized service helping professional photographers with light products. It’s not just flash light for photography that it provides, but shapers and power racks too. Bron Elektronik offers […]

Welcome 2014 – The Very Best of 2013

2013 has been yet another great year with trips to iconic European cities such as Copenhagen, Rome, Lisbon, and Christmas and the New Year period, a fantastic visit to the Maldives; which is one of the reasons why I could not post this blogpost earlier. Photographically, things started going well when I purchased my new […]

Kostas Maros presents his work at FtN

The Journey © Kostas Maros Just the very words that describe the photo of a man inside a hole somewhere in the suburbs of the Mongolian capital Ulan Bataar are enough to grab the interest of a reader, if not least the curiosity. The above image caught the attention of Kostas as he was walking […]

History of the Surname LEYVA

This blog post is a personal interpretation based on different sources found in the internet. Please find all the references at the end of this document. History It was back in the north central Spanish town of Castile that the aurname Leyva first emerged. Today, both Spain and Portugal are recognized as forming the Iberian […]

Alex Majoli’s switch from war subjects to fashion art photography

GEORGIA. Outskirts of Gori. August, 2008. Woman desperate and fainting. ©Alex Majoli/Magnum Photos According to award winning Magnum Photo’s photographer , making the switch from black and white war and history subjects to colorful fashion art photography was not that difficult. Known for his captivating photography of sobering conflicts and serious events that have been […]

Art Basel 2013: A Promotion of Visual Artistry

Art Basel 2013 showcases the world’s premier modern and contemporary art shows, and has been held annually in Basel. The event has also been seen in Miami Beach since 2002 and more recently in Hong Kong (2013). The art show was founded by three gallery owners from Basel in the 1970s and has been a […]

A Review of Vanguard – The Heralder 33

During the time when I was checking my RSS feed I was alerted to the website . It caught my attention when I saw an excellent backpack I was looking for to go on my travels. It was during a more intensive search on that website when I chose a messenger bag – The Heralder […]

The World Watch and Jewellery Exhibition at BASELWORLD 2013

Switzerland’s elegant city of Basel plays host each year to several companies that display its watches, jewellery and gems for the world to see in the spring time. Exhibitors come from all four corners of the world to show off their wares, newest collections and innovations they have been working on throughout the previous year. […]

Review: Canon EF 8-15mm Fisheye Lens

The one feature which stands out on the Canon EF 8-15mm Fisheye L Lens is its affirmation of quality. Its metallic body and smooth operational control rings blended in with the 8-15mm lens will allow you to enjoy hours of unbridled photographic splendour using this fully formatted lens. I had really enjoyed shooting with this […]

Christian Vogt’s inspiring Lecture

The stunning and thoughtful image above is selected from Christian Vogt’s series , the contemporary photographer from Switzerland has made his fame from capturing a series of images by combining thought provoking statements and the (often naked) human body. Vogt’s work has appeared in several magazines, journals and calendars and has been commissioned to make […]

The Guy Fawkes shooting session

I always wanted to have a picture of myself with a . Of course it all began after seeing the movie . A great movie, where the revolutionary wearing this mask is fighting against the state, which holds total authority over society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life. Nowadays, everybody […]

Review: Does Photojournalism Matter?

Image used for this blogentry was made by W. Eugene Smith in Minamata, Japan. The Committee of victims demonstrating against the Central Pollution Board, during the hearings of the Victims of the Minamata Disease versus the Chisso Chemical Plant trial in 1971. © W. Eugene Smith/Magnum Photos. In an article which looks closely at the […]

Canon EF 40mm 2.8 Pancake Review

Some weeks ago, Canon released a new lens known as Pancake The new lens offers an ultra-slim and lightweight design. Incredibly compact in size, it has a newly developed stepping motor for smooth and quiet continuous AF and a circular aperture (7 blades) for beautiful soft-focus backgrounds. After getting this lens I have tried almost […]

Visiting the Matterhorn in Zermatt

Since almost over 30 years, I am living in Switzerland and I haven’t seen the most famous mountain in real life… well until last Thursday! finally I had the pleasure of enjoying a couple of days in Zermatt and enjoyed this view. Arriving on Thursday afternoon, first I left my luggage in the and took […]

Redesign of LEYVA

The redesign is done. we have forwarded all domains to this brand new website. is used as a CMS. Thanks to his intuitively and clear backend, it is easy and time saving to edit. The whole page is hosted on CO2 neutral web space from . The responsive design suits to every desktop size, or […]


Looking forward to the ART42. Hoping new celebrities will arrive and enjoy Basel’s biggest art fair.

Sub Prime Crisis

Thanks to this image became an artistic interpretation of the sub prime crisis. framing it with a broken glass!

My Holiday Trip to Barcelona

Back from holidays in Barcelona with a lot of impressions of this marvelous city. I recently traveled to Barcelona for a vacation. While there were many things I wanted to do on my holiday, my main goal of the trip was to document the trip in photographs. I love taking pictures because it is enjoyable […]


Shooting with a fashion designer from Miami.

Business-Shooting for an IT company

Business-Shooting for an IT company situated in Basel.

Second visit to the US

After the high success of my first picture of my US trip, , I tried again the same approach.

Visiting Estonia for 5 months

During my studies in 2007 I went to the lovely city Tallinn in Estonia for an exchange semester. The picture was taken in a cafe in just oposite of the .

The beginning of the passion

During my travels trough the US I have discovered my passion for photography. This photograph was taken on a sightseeing bus in New York and was sold already several times on .


Our portfolio, home to our latest, and greatest work.

team-play AG

Photo shooting and web design for the athlete’s agency in Switzerland. They are specialized in the career management of footballers and coaches. They currently consult players and coaches in Switzerland and the European leagues in Germany, Italy and England.

Webdesign for a lactose intolerance magazine

Idea, concept and realization of a WordPress-blog regarding lactose intolerance in the German speaking part of Switzerland. Providing news about the intolerance, reviews of products available in Switzerland and recommendation of OTC medicine. Online-Marketing, SEO and linkage with the most common social media platforms.

St. Moritz Polo World Cup on Snow 2011

Not only perfect timing for the picture, but also to increase the life expectation of the photographer. The photograph of the final at the St. Moritz Polo World Cup 2011, has been published on .

Web design for the famous artist Réne Bernasconi

Website showing some of the work of the artist Réne Bernasconi, which remains mostly in private collections in Switzerland and abroad.

DJ Ray Jones

Promo shooting with .


Creation of a logo for MyNightlife.FM – a techno, minimal and house radio show produced in Basel.

Tensione Moda

Logo design for a young start-up label in Basel. The label produces high quality shirts and polos for men in Italy and sells them in Switzerland via boutiques and their web shop.

Photo calendars

Photographic development during my employment at a publisher as still live photographer. A rose calendar for Merz Pharma in Austria and a scented calendar for Dr. Oetker in Switzerland.

Eau Thermale Avène’s VIP Ladies Lunch

Photo report of the VIP Brunch of with Nubya, Karin Lanz, Raquel Marquard, Racha Fajjari, Zoe Torinesi & Anja Müller. Glanz & Gloria was also there and made a

Huston, we have a Press Conference @ Baselworld 2009

Enjoyed the amazing press conference of at the 2009 with Nick Hayek & Nicolas G. Hayek accompanied by the astronauts Eugen Cernan, Buzz Aldrin, Stephen Urquhart, Thomas Stafford. An honour to see live at the press conference! Samuel Etos presenting Eto’o Tourbillon stainless steel & Eto’o Tourbillon Pink Gold Watches.

Martial Arts Shootings

Several martial arts shootings… promo and product shooting for a nutrition supplier and company. Yourtrainer AG provides corporate and private fitness courses. Kampfkunstschule Dragon with a Shooting with their kids Kung-Fu class.

DJ Cipmo

Promo shooting of a famous Soulful House DJ from Basel. ’s smooth vibes have already enriched many bars and lounges in Switzerland. He is known for playing from his heart  and not off the charts.

Mario Ferrini Videoclip Casting

Two month later a new assignment from Mario Ferrini. Organize a casting to recruit models for a music clip of his newest single. Support during the filming days and photodocumentary. Unfortunately due to bad weather conditions and long development of the video clip, the launch was postponed to the next year. On youtube you can […]

Mario Ferrini and his Crew

Mario Ferrini is a long term client, who introduced us several potential photographic clients. Pictures for his new brand name “Mario Ferrini” were done by LEYVA. For a project of , called Terra Mia, assignments followed. came also from a recommendation of Mario.

L’Oréal Professionnel – Tournée

An assignment during my time at The pressure was very high for me, because normally only very experienced event photographers were sent to fashion shows. Well fortunately it was not my last fashion show I could photograph. .

UDM Show Shooting

Soon after starting being a nightlife photographer for I met several DJs, which lead to my first photographic assigment. This picture of the DJs and Armando Gomez, nowadays know as , was taken in a LP shop in downtown Basel. The light conditions were very disadvantageous for any photographic work. And after hearing that the […]


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